Why do athletes go vegan?

While doing my conference for the VeggieWorld in Paris (and Lyon soon), I learned about vegan athletes and I realized that there are really a lot more than you think . And after making this observation, I wondered why they were vegan?

Athletes are still human beings

Some of them logically made the choice to stop consuming animal products out of ethical concerns, vis-à-vis their values. It’s obvious that with the information we have right now, we can all think about our eating habits and make changes if we feel the need and the urge.

Athletes are not locked in a gym 24 hours a day. They have a social life, and some of them decided to go vegan because of an awareness. To avoid participating in animal suffering or more generally to no longer make animals depend on their way of life. But in reality, isn’t there a deeper reason?

Athletes remain athletes

I think there is also a deeper reason… An athlete who is ready to go vegan during his career is faced with a crucial choice: ” Am I going to take the risk of lowering my performance by completely changing my diet? ”

You have to realize that an athlete has an “extraordinary” lifestyle, where everything is settled, and that all of their daily choices will positively or negatively influence their physical condition. The meals as such and the times at which they are taken, rest, physical preparation, mental preparation … Nothing is taken at random because every detail counts.

Diet does not have a minimal link to performance . Along with training, these are the two most determining factors in an athlete’s performance (rest matters a lot too).

Obviously at first glance, it may seem inconceivable for a vegan committed to the animal cause that we can hesitate to eat animals for the sake of performance, that we put times before lives.

Personally, I start from the principle or it is the choice of each one, I do not pose as a moralizer. But what is very interesting here is that more and more athletes are becoming vegan, and it is therefore that there is a real sporting interest for them to become so, beyond their personal convictions. …

If diet is a determining factor in performance and a world-class athlete goes vegan, he has clearly made this choice to improve himself, or at least to maintain himself without any problem.

It makes sense in the sense that his career is on the line in every competition, in every game, in every tournament.

If the vegan sports diet were not interesting, if it did not provide sports benefits that are at least equivalent to the omnivorous sports diet, there would probably be no level vegan athlete international. There is no coincidence when playing with the big boys!

If this article appealed to you, please share it on Facebook. After seeing why some athletes go vegan, we will see how this diet can help them maintain or even increase their performance. During my first year of combining bodybuilding and vegan nutrition, I personally saw a lot of positive points, including an increase in my performance (before and after available by clicking here ).

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