Vegan power by Brendan Brazier: healthy and sporty vegan food

Vegan Power by de Brendan Brazier is organized in 3 parts. First, we find out what are the causes of most of our current health problems. We can imagine, it revolves around food but not only. We understand for example how much the stress of modern life is linked to our health.

Next, Brendan Brazier gives us solutions to improve his health and sports performance, thanks to the most nutritious vegetarian / vegan foods. Finally, the last part is the practice, with examples of a typical day and rich and varied recipes.

Why Vegan Power?

For me, the great interest of this book is to be complete without being heavy or off-putting. Although it is 300 pages long, the book is easily read since it is organized in such a way that we can refer directly to what interests us. This is still normal for a book of this kind but it is well organized in relation to its volume.

In this case, those who want to understand why it is necessary to favor such eating behavior can find answers to their questions in the first part of the book. But those who are just wondering how to do it can skip it and go straight to practice.

In addition, at the practical level, there are two approaches: the rigorous approach with the detailed 12-week action plan or the softer approach with the list of recipes. The book therefore adapts to everyone, making it suitable for all audiences.

Vegan power is a compendium of several books, sometimes informative, sometimes practical. And where it is particularly effective, it is that it always remains clear, precise and easy to digest, because it is explained in a simple and fun way. Brendan Brazier even tells us his personal anecdotes, like when he couldn’t understand why he was accumulating fat when he had just increased his training volume, and therefore potentially his energy expenditure. Each time he describes the solution he has found, which demonstrates his extensive experience in the sport / vegan diet combination.

Informative quality

This book is a gold mine for anyone who wants to understand how to organize their plates without food of animal origin. Brendan Brazier knows his subject inside out and offers us a panel of foods and recipes, each more creative than the last. In addition, he takes care to offer us the most interesting foods at the nutritional level.

Sports gels, nutrition before and after exercise … Everything is in place to offer an extremely complete sports nutrition, from breakfast until bedtime. You have the impression of entering an organic store when you flip through the book, with foods that are still unknown but which have real sporting interests. It doesn’t leave weight training aside, it provides solutions for each type of sport (high, medium and low intensity).

The strength of Vegan Power

We are not going to lie to each other, some people are resistant to the term vegan. Brazier remains very objective in his remarks and is not there to advocate veganism but to provide information on how to optimize a diet that excludes foods of animal origin. It remains obvious for a practical book but it reinforces its general public genre even more. “Vegan” is present in the title but after the cover, the term appears to have disappeared.

Vegan power can be found in all hands as Brendan Brazier’s informative approach is universal. In fact, he doesn’t hesitate to point out the drawbacks of certain plant foods, regarding potential allergens or the fact that most legumes are acidifying to the body. Its goal is not to convince but to inform how to optimize your plant-based diet as much as possible.

In addition, the long experience of Brendan Brazier as a triathlete (practicing Ironman, a discipline combining 3.8km of swimming, 180km of cycling then a marathon – a little over 42km – ) pushes us to listen and trust him, given the immense physical and mental challenge that this discipline requires. I have already tried his pancake recipe and I was not disappointed, the promises are kept in terms of energy.

The negative point

If I could fault the book, it’s the fact that most of the foods that are on offer won’t suit everyone, on a budget level. Who wants taking care of one’s health must put one’s hand in the wallet, the foods in the recipes are quite expensive. Personally, I find it completely normal, good nutrition necessarily has a cost and it is a matter of priorities.

If you want to get Vegan power, you can click directly here . I know that when I have the chance, I will not hesitate to include many of his recipes in my daily life. Vegan power made me want a healthy, nutritious diet even more, to support my bodybuilding effort and improve my overall health.

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