The super foods of the vegetarian / vegan athlete: maca powder

Maca is a plant native to South America (found mainly in Peru) and growing at very high altitudes. Venerated for thousands of years, it is recognized for its positive effect on libido. But apart from its aphrodisiac effect, it presents an exceptional nutritional richness which can greatly help the vegetarian athlete / vegan.

Gain strength and muscle mass more easily

“Peruvian Viagra” is how maca is also called. Studies have shown that maca consumption is directly linked to increased libido and fertility, without any explanation yet (studies on maca are still recent). This seems to be due in part to the fact that maca increases blood flow to the pelvic region.

It turns out that sexual desire will indirectly influence muscle mass gain and strength. Even if maca has not yet proven hormonal effect, its action on libido will promote concentration during training, and therefore increase its effectiveness and performance.

In addition, lack of libido is linked to stress. By increasing libido, maca will decrease stress, which will again have a positive effect on the effectiveness of the sessions, but also on the loss of fat mass (stress increases cortisol, this the latter being often responsible for fat gain).

Better performance while getting less sick

Maca will effectively strengthen the immune system, which translates into increased resistance to disease. And if we are more resistant to disease, we put all the chances on our side to progress in sport .

As everything is linked, the best resistance to disease will also put the body in the best possible condition to achieve its sporting goals (fight against fat gain for example).

Maca also has a recognized action on tone, allowing you to be much more fit (very rich in vitamins and minerals, in particular vitamin C). Acting on the immune system and tone, maca is therefore a wise choice for athletes / non-athletes who feel tired at the approach of winter, just like spirulina.

It can also be an ally for a person in transition to vegetarianism / veganism . Of course, we must not forget that this does not replace a quality vegetable diet, with a maximum of natural and whole foods.

How to consume maca?

As is often the case with foods with great properties, there is anything and everything in the store. Care must be taken to choose a source of maca produced from cooked roots in order to eliminate alkaloids, which are potentially harmful to health. The provenance should also be monitored as it will affect the quality of the product.

The best maca is obtained in Peru, and taking it organically will of course greatly increase its nutritional value. The organic maca extract from Peru is therefore the best choice we can make. Consuming maca in powder form is not mandatory, it is simply to avoid its particular taste and to be able to add it to smoothies or other recipes (1 to 3g per day seems to be sufficient to benefit from its benefits).

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